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Thank you for making your way over to this About me page.

I’m Jamie; a pocket-sized female from England; just a book loving spoonie making it up as she goes along.  As a family, we’re owned by a lovely but obstinate dog.

mermaid in these jeans is my tiny corner of the interweb to talk freely with you about one of my great loves – books.

Reading has always been hugely important to me, with many afternoons after school spent in my local library, cross legged on the floor between the stacks. Back then it was a way to lose myself, to shut out the rest of the world for a bit.  I still welcome that feeling of peace now, just as much as I did as a teenager.

These days with my functional neurological condition life is pretty challenging – cognitively, physically and mentally – and I’d be lost without speech-to-text, one-fingered typing, voice memos and notebooks strewn about the house; oh and my beloved Kindle.  I still prefer the feel of a physical book but the Kindle has opened up a whole new world of reading for me, now I’m able to adjust the size of the text and the brightness of the screen.

I’m determined not to be beaten. Participating in book promotion is a way to pace myself and give my reading purpose, as a rehabilitative exercise. Reading never grows old – it’s an activity I truly adore.  I also really enjoy writing reviews and sharing new stories with my followers.

Again, I’m somewhat restricted in my abilities these days but I still like to think of myself as a would-be writer – its a pipe dream of mine to have a personal essay or short story feature in a magazine or newspaper, and that one day my own novel will be the subject of a blog tour!  I occasionally dabble in flash fiction and you can read some of my more recent attempts on my Twitter feed.

I’d like to share with you one of my more recent short stories, The Ghost of Us.  Should you be interested in seeing more of my work, or hearing about my novel (which is pretty much a continual ongoing work in progress!), please get in touch.  I also have more examples of my flash fiction, written while using previous accounts.

mermaid in these jeans is home to the following bookish categories:

  • Blog Tours – when it’s my stop on the tour, this is where my post will be stored, along with any additional promotional posts. Depending on the nature of my particular stop, these posts will be duplicated in other categories as applicable.
  • Bookish Chat – here you’ll find posts not specifically review based, such as #bookpost (items received in the post that I’ve bought or have been sent to me to review) and #bookwin (when I’ve been lucky enough to win a book in a competition or giveaway).  I’ll also be talking about my ever-growing TBR pile, and participating in some of the day-specific bookish memes I keep seeing on the book blogs I follow!
  • Book Reviews – fairly self explanatory but please note that for social media purposes I’ll be tagging reviews with #fridayreview, regardless of what day of the week the post is published on the blog. This just makes my reviews (and this blog) easier to search for.
  • Cover Reveals – sneaky peek promotion for an upcoming release.
  • Guest Posts – this is a bit of a catch-all title as content posts will take the form of interviews, author spotlights, Q&A’s (for instance, #10ThingsAboutMe), novel highlights, extracts of text, etc. – as well as guest posts, when I’m lucky enough to feature an author/another blogger/someone related to the world of writing and bookishness, who writes something especially to feature on the blog.
  • Other – for anything else I can’t categorise above!

There is also the following general-ish category which contains some very important information:

  • About – where you’ll find this About me page and a myriad of policies for your attention – Reviewing, Privacy, Copyright & Ownership, Disclaimer & Disclosure and Image.

If you would like to follow this site please use either of the methods in the sidebar.  To contact me directly please head over to Get in touch for more details.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope that you find something here on the blog that’ll make you want to visit again.

Jamie x

PS if you’re wondering about the origins of the name mermaid in these jeans, you might like to read my post My thank you note to Tori x

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