Reviewing Policy

I am very happy to receive reviewing requests from authors, publishers or blog tour organisers directly – please refer to Get in touch for details of how to contact me.

  • I am a member of Goodreads and NetGalley, and have an reviewer page. My reviewer name for these sites is Jamie W.
  • Please be aware that my accepting a book for review does not guarantee a good review. What you will get is an honest opinion with a fair explanation as to why. Please refer to the Rating System below for further information.
  • I aim to finish all books I accept for review although I do reserve the right to not finish a book. In this instance I would provide a full explanation for the reason for discontinuation.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a reviewing request. In this instance I would provide a full explanation for the reason for refusal. Refusing to review an individual book is done without prejudice and is not intended to harm any relationship between the request provider and myself.
  • I will post my review within the timescales agreed with the request provider and will inform the request provider in good time if for any reason this agreed timescale cannot be adhered to.
  • If guidelines are provided I will structure my review in accordance with your specifications otherwise the review will be in the style and length of my choosing. The review will include a numeric rating as detailed below.
  • My review will be published on this blog and (unless explicitly requested not to) I will post links to the review on social media. Depending on how the original book review request is sourced, the review may also be posted to external review sites (e.g. NetGalley, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.).

Please note that by prior agreement only my reviews may be reproduced provided credit is given to me as the author of the review and links to my blog and/or social media/external review site profiles are provided in the reproduction.

I am happy to receive books for review either direct in eBook format or received physically in the post and will supply contact details for these methods via email once a review request has been accepted.

Please note that in the case of physical copies received, these will not be returned to the request provider unless return postage is reimbursed.

Rating System

My reviews are always honest (but respectful) and as detailed as possible in order to aid the potential reader to reach their own conclusions. The rating system I use works in the usual way, from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest of recommendations. That said, I will always try and find something positive to say even if a book isn’t for me, because I respect the monumental time and effort the author has put into their work and have no wish to be negative. As such I will generally only publish a review if I feel I can give it 3/5 or above.

If a review has been received directly from an author or publisher, or as part of a blog tour, I would advise the request provider if I felt my review was going to be less than 3/5 as it might then not be appropriate for me to continue with that particular review/tour.

Please note that if my review is also being added to an external review site the same numeric review will be left in whatever format is used by those sites.

Copyright & Ownership

Please refer to the separate Copyright & Ownership Policy under About.

Disclosure (including affiliates, sponsored posts, etc.)

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Image Usage

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Please refer to the separate Privacy Policy under About.

Thank you.

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